More About RAIL RACK 2



The Rail Rack 2 Truck Rack extends over the cab, allows you to carry longer loads, and mounts with NO DRILLING. Also fits newer Toyotas and Nissans with track systems.

 Rail Rack 2 with Extension
Rail Rack 2 With Extension.


 Rail Rack II with Extension Carrying a 24-foot Extension Ladder
Rail Rack 2 with Extension Carrying a 24-foot Extension Ladder.


Rail Rack 2


Rail Rack 2


 Tie-down Points at Top and Bottom, and Rope Cleat at Middle of Legs
Tie-down Points at Top and Bottom, and Rope Cleat at Middle of Legs.

Rail Rack Tie Down & Anchor Points
Rail Rack 2 Tie Down & Anchor Points




Main features and benefits of the Rail Rack 2 Truck Rack:

  • The multi-functional Rail Rack 2 with four-foot long overhead extension carries ladders, lumber, watercraft and other cargo weighing up to 500 lbs. The basic model fits pickups with conventional fleetside bedrails, and locks onto the bedrails using a low-profile clamping system. The crossbars and legs are adjustable to fit small or large trucks and the siderails fit long or short bed trucks.
  • Special models are now available for these newer trucks with accessory rails systems:
       ° 2007-2TRAX Toyota Tacoma and Tundra with deckrail; and Nissan Titan with Utili-track
       ° 2007-2TRAXF Nissan Frontier with Utili-track

  • Installs easily without drilling your pickup and holds securely. This truck rack can be removed in less than 10 minutes and can be easily disassembled for more compact storage. However, this truck rack may also be bolted to the bedrails of the truck if preferred. Note: Since this rack fits a range of truck beds, installation may require that two small 3/8" holes be drilled into the rack itself (not the truck) to set its length. Extra short beds less than 68 inches long may also require that a short portion of tubing be removed with a hack saw.

  • It may be used without the extension assembly to carry up to 400 lbs. and either one or both of the Leg/crossbar assemblies can be mounted independently.

  • Can be placed anywhere along the bedrail and used in conjunction with a tool box, and also with the standard OEM accessories on trucks with accessory rail systems.

  • Includes four built in rope tie-downs on legs and eight hook anchors on the legs and end of the crossbar for use with ropes or ratchet straps when tying down cargo on your rack.

  • Four built in tie-down cleats and eight hook eyelets on the legs and end of the crossbars make tying down cargo on your rack with ropes or ratchet straps a cinch.

  • Manufactured in black powder-coated steel.

  • Specifications: Ships in two boxes, weighting 58-60 lbs. and 43 lbs.


U.S. Rack Product Warranty

U.S. Rack™ products are warranted for a period of one year against all structural defects in materials and workmanship provided that they are assembled, installed, and used in  accordance with all manufacturer’s specifications and instructions. See the merchandise return policy