Welcome to U.S. Rack, the home of quality pickup truck racks made in the USA. We manufacture over 40 different models of racks to satisfy every need for both Work and Play. Shopping for a rack can be very confusing, especially if you’ve never owned one. So here are some tutorial basics about truck racks so you can acquire an understanding of what to look for no matter where you buy.

  • Material:
    Racks are manufactured of different sizes, shapes and materials. Materials commonly include steel, aluminum, stainless steel and plastic. Colors can range also, with black being the most common color. They are often manufactured to the dimensions of specific models of pickup trucks. But some racks fit a range of truck models and you can also order custom racks. Some are manufactured with carbon steel where strength is the most important factor. If the rack is to be used and stored in a humid or salty environment, U.S. RACK has models fabricated from stainless steel and aluminum.

    Many U.S. Rack products use extruded aluminum structural elements, but not welded aluminum, because aluminum welds are notoriously subject to metal fatigue, micro-cracking, and material failure. Instead we employ unique steel or stainless steel connectors that attach both on the inside and the outside of the structural elements that bind them together. Welding is not gluing two pieces of metal together. It actually melts the two pieces of metal, so they become one as they cool off. This makes for a very strong connection that should be stronger at the union than the surrounding material. Our professional fabricators have an average of over 20 years welding experience and our steel welds are uniform and durable. This process is what makes our Pickup truck racks "Built American Strong". 

    Painting of a rack can be done in different ways. Unlike some other companies, U.S. RACK doesn’t use liquid paint that contains volatile chemicals. We use an environmentally clean process called “Powder Coating” that involves spraying a dry colored powder onto the cleaned metal. The metal rack and the colored powder are electrically charged with the opposite polarities so the powder is attracted and deposited to the metal surface with a uniform thickness. After application the rack is baked in an industrial oven to melt the powder with great adhesion to the metal surface.

    Since our founding in 1999 U.S. Rack has been a leader in innovation with its integrated clamping systems. These systems are part of most of our racks and allow you to easily mount them WITHOUT DRILLING any holes into your expensive truck. Our systems in most cases allow a stronger connection that drilling holes through the truck bedrails. When purchasing a truck rack, also consider such things as stainless steel or other rust resistant threaded mounting hardware; this is critical in highly humid areas. Another thing to look for is tie-down hooks or eyes that allow you to use ratchet straps, cords, or ropes to securely tie the cargo down to the rack.

    Truck racks differ on load ratings. The design and materials used to form the rack are both factors. The standard method of determining load rating is choose a weight that is one third of the static weight that that would be required for the weakest element of the rack to fail when loaded. That provides a 3 to 1 safety margin. U.S. Rack uses a minimum standard of 5 to 1 safety margin for its products based on physical tests of material at an independent lab. Bear in mind that the weight ratings of racks may exceed the truck manufacturer’s recommended load limit, which varies from truck model to truck model. In reality Ford, Chevy, GMC, Dodge, Toyota and Nissan Trucks have models with different load capabilities although some use the common terms such as ½ ton, ¾ ton, and 1 ton ratings.

    U.S. Rack products are warranted for a full year. See warranty information.

    A final question that you should always ask yourself when making any large purchase is, “Does the manufacturer offer support after the sale”? Remember, U.S. Rack is not just a retailer. We manufacture most of the truck racks offered on our site with the largest variety of distinct designs of any manufacturer in the world. This is very important, because unlike Amazon, E-bay and the other massive retailers that sell thousands of items not related to truck racks and don’t really know these products, we provide information and service before and after the sale. Easily order by phone: U.S. and Canada: - 1.888.877.2257 ( 1.888.USRacks )


You should strongly consider becoming a U.S. Rack customer if you:

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  • Are tired of big retailers whose telemarketers don’t understand the hundreds of products they sell.
  • Prefer a specialized company who’s “experts” actually understands its products and applications.
  • Prefer an honest company that stands behind its products and values customer service as much as its customers do.
  • Prefer to support a true American small business success story rather than a mega-corporation.

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