ftp Instructions

Thank you for your interest in our ftp site. Below is the login and password to access the site. We recommend the use of an ftp client such as Filezilla although it is not required. Alternately, the site can be accessed by typing the host name into the address bar on your browser. You will be prompted to enter the user name and password once connected.


host; ftp.trexftp.com/customers

User; customers

Pw; Cdata5

Note; User and PW are case sensitive.

 If you need an FTP client FileZilla can be downloaded free and is very easy to use https://filezilla-project.org/download.php.

 Setup of Filezilla is easy (Basic Instructions)


  1. Go to “Site Manager”
  2. Select “New Site” (Name it what you want)
  3. Under Host enter    trexftp.com.
  4. Change LogOn type to “Normal” and Encryption to “Only use plain ftp”
  5. Enter your user and password exactly as it is above.
  6. Click Connect (all the information will save in Filezilla should be no need to enter again)
  7. In the top area you should now see Filezilla connecting to our server
  8. Once connected you will see a folder named Customers in the right hand box (Remote Site) and a number of subfolders inside the Customers folder.
  9. Locate the file you want and drag and drop the file to the appropriate folder in the left hand box (Local Site) and you should see the transfer start to happen in the bottom box
  10. Once transfer is complete you should see your file in the left hand Local Site) box


If necessary, we can help you set this up on your end if you are unsure of how to do it.